Books Available in Library

  • Textbooks
  • Newspapers
  • Law Journal

Library Rules

Reference section

  • Students should place their belongings in the rack available at the entrance before entering Library.
  • Every student has to enter their name, class, time of entry in the Entry Register.
  • Student must maintain silence in the Library premises during the course of reference.
  • Students have to return the books after reference and leave the Library with all their belongings. The college authorities are not responsible for loss of any belongings at the Library premises.
  • While leaving the library, students have to enter the time of exit in the Entry Register.

Lending Section

  • Every student shall be permitted to take only two books, which they have to return after every semester exam.
  • Students who needs to borrow books has to fill a form with book name and author.
  • Students should return borrowed books within a period of 30 days.
  • If any book issued from the library is lost, the respective student will be liable for the loss.
  • Student shall return the books within the stipulated time, failing which the student has to pay a fine of Rs. 1 per day beyond the due date.